Open Doors critical of North Korea on dictator’s birthday

Ministry organization Open Doors spotlighted the plight of persecuted Christians in North Korea today as the Communist nation celebrates a national holiday for the birthday of dictator Kim Jong-Il.

February 16 is a national holiday. It is considered the most important date in North Korea along with April 15, which is the day on which Kim Jong Il’s father Kim Il-Sung was born.

North Korea again topped the organization’s list of most dangerous countries for Christian, a ranking it has held for the past eight years.

“Please join with me in praying for those Christians who are not only facing starvation but also facing imprisonment or death because they are believers in Jesus Christ,” says Open Doors USA President/CEO Carl Moeller. “I believe 2010 will be a critical year for North Korea. The Christians there are asking us not to pray for their safety but for continued strength, boldness for Christ and outreach to the poor and hungry.”

Open Doors estimates 400,000 North Korean Christians practice their faith and worship largely in secret.

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