Prayers for Fort Hood

As the details unfold over the tragic shootings at Fort Hood on Thursday, the most important thing we can do as Christians is pray.

On a base filled with men and women who have already had multiple tours of Iraq and/or Afghanistan, the last event we would expect to take place would be a soldier, much less a psychiatrist, to turn a gun on fellow military personnel.

There is a temptation to blame it solely on Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s Muslim faith and news reports he was at a 7-Eleven earlier in the day dress in traditional Arab garb. Even more tempting is to think that neither Hasan nor his family are worthy of prayers.

I can say from my experience covering and editing stories on serious crimes that more often than not the families of criminals are as bewildered as everyone else to their relative’s actions.

With Veteran’s Day approaching next week military personnel who have borne the weight of the last eight years – and counting – of American warfare prayers for the safety and well-being them and their families is warranted. Praying for everyone either directly or circumstantially involved in the Fort Hood massacre is required.

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