Survey: Two-Thirds of Americans Claim Relationship With Jesus

A study released today by the Christian research organization Barna Group revealed that two-thirds of American adults claim to have a relationship with Jesus Christ on varying levels.

The depth and breadth of the relationship varied greatly among different demographics.

Seventy-two percent of women claimed a relationship, higher than the 62 percent of men with a positive response.

Protestants also were more likely to make the claim by an 82-72 percent margin over Catholics.

Social and political conservatives were more likely to claim a relationship than liberals by a wide 79-48 margin.

Age was also a significant factor. Seventy-two percent of adults above the traditional retirement age of 65 said they had a relationship with Jesus. The numbers of people who identified the relationship went down on a sliding scale to where the youngest group polled, 18 to 26-year-olds, hit the 52 percent mark.

The two most common ways people said Jesus communicates to them is by influencing or connecting directly with their mind, emotions or feelings (52 percent), or through the content of a Bible passage they read or which was read to them (41 percent).

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