Christian Blog Picks for the Week

For Christian living, over the past week these are the blog posts that were the best of the best around the ‘Net.

Is Your Church Losing Blood?

Dr. Russell Moore at Moore to the Point pens a timely and insightful blog about how our Christian songs no longer speak of the Blood of Christ. Even more importantly, he explains what is missing theologically and practically when we eliminate or minimize the blood of Christ in our hymns.

Good Friday Hymn

The team at Desiring God posted the words and music to an old hymn with fresh meaning this Easter season. Reflect upon Ah Holy Jesus.

Holy Week: What Happened on Friday?

Justin Taylor, at his Gospel Coalition blog, posts a chronology of events as they occurred on Good Friday.

Calvin Makes a Comeback

Fascinating, well-researched, and well-written article about the comeback of Calvinism among American Evangelicals: Calvin Makes a Comeback.

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Of my best of the best around the ‘Net, which post impacted you the most? Why?

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