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21 Leadership Quotes

Scott Williams at Big Is the New Small has collated 21 Leadership Quotes.

A Gospel-Centric Counseling Book

Mark Tubbs of Discerning Reader has posted a new review of Soul Physicians in his Blog Through of the entire book. He says, “I’m so convinced of its helpfulness that I urge all pastors and leaders who read this blog entry to invest in a copy and spend the summer reaping its benefits, not only for their counseling ministries but for their church(es) at large. There’s no member, young or mature spiritually, that will fail to take something away that enriches devotion to Christ.”

The Life and Death of An Atheist

Albert Mohler ponders the life and death of the world’s most famous atheist who later in life rejected atheism: The Death of a (Former) Atheist — Antony Flew, 1923-2010. Mohler develops the thesis: “Antony Flew’s rejection of atheism is an encouragement, but his rejection of Christianity is a warning. Rejecting atheism is simply not enough.”

66 Love Letters

The new Gospel Coalition Review site is up and running. They’ve posted my review of Larry Crabb’s latest book 66 Love Letters. Learn more about the Bible as God’s love letter to His people.

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