’Amazing Race’ Shows Integrity Is Priceless

I was so disappointed Sunday night that the cowboys did not win the “Amazing Race”. Talk about an extreme class act, and letting Jesus’ light shine. You’ve got it all in these two men.

I am a huge fan of the “Amazing Race”. I am usually tired and thirsty after watching each show because the endurance level of this race is up there around the Olympic stratus. Although, the training these racers go through probably isn’t on the same scale. I have to admire anyone who would attempt this race simply because it puts a magnifier upon your character and every flaw, no matter how minute, is magnified for all the world to see.

For the first time since I’ve been watching the Race, I have been so completely captivated by a team that I amaze myself. For once, the Race wasn’t just a Sunday evening pastime, it was something I actually prayed about. Some would say, how stupid is that? Especially when the Race was already in the can by the time the first leg aired on TV. Oh, well. If I can pray for our president and for actors, I can pray for a team on the “Amazing Race”.

Jet and Cord McCoy proved themselves sons of the King by their extremely high moral and ethical standards throughout the race. James 1:22 says “Be ye doers of the Word and not hearers only”. They never once acted in anyway that would shame Jesus.

The last leg of the Race proved something about them that shamed me because I kept telling Jet to run through the dude. He didn’t listen to me or his brother, Cord. There was a virtual maze that one team member had to guide the other team member through. It wasn’t hard, but the Cowboys got to Lucas Films where the virtual maze was located several minutes later than the team that eventually won the race. Cord guided brother Jet all the way through to the final challenge on the second level and Jordan (from the other team) was standing in his way.

Jet stood there while Cord kept saying, “Can you just walk through him?”

“Nope. I’m not going to do that. He’s right in front of me and I won’t knock him over,” Jet replied.

And he didn’t. He stood patiently behind Jordan while his brother Dan tried to figure out what the message was flashing by on the computer screen.

I kept shouting, “Go around him! Step over him! Good grief! I would. It’s a MILLION DOLLARS, man!”

But Jet stood patiently until Cord persuaded him to sidle around Jordan. Then suddenly the message started flashing by Cord to figure out.

Jet proved something to all the world, the price of integrity is more than a million dollars and he wouldn’t be seduced. He could have won $1 million by simply bowling over his opponent, but that price was too high to pay. Astounding!

I wonder how many Christians can look into the camera of the world and say, “I stand here with a clean conscience, completely blameless before God in that I did not defame my Lord or myself by reaching for a pile of money at the cost of my integrity and God’s honor.”

Was it costly? Absolutely not. Not costly at all when our real home has streets paved with gold and gates of priceless pearls, walls of translucent gold and daily wear is the bright white righteousness of the saints!

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  1. westerngirltx said:

    Jet and Cord did a wonderful job throughout the race. They kept their godly character in tack throughout the race. Prov 20:15 There is gold, and a multitude of rubies: but the lips of knowledge [are] a precious jewel.

    May 12, 2010

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