A New Thanksgiving Tradition

My family, as most families, carry on the tradition of giving thanks on Thanksgiving before carving the turkey. This year, as each person around the table reflected upon the year and gave thanks for various things in their lives, my mind immediately drifted back to the struggle of a 6-year-old child in my classroom.

I recalled his constant struggles with diabetes. I thought of the look in his eyes when the other children enjoyed cupcakes, brownies, apples and even fruit juices. Many of the things that I too enjoy endulging in — and give little to no thought about eating whenever I have a desire to. I recalled how his sugar level was comparable to that of a roller coaster ride just last week…so high in the morning that he would often have to drink water and walk to bring his levels down; by evening it would be so low it resulted in him having to drink orange juice and eat cheese and crackers or a small candy bar.

I thought of how he dreaded having his finger pricked so often during each day. As I looked at the spread of food before me on my own table I wondered what his Thanksgiving dinner would consist of.

What would he be able to eat? Would he be able to endulge in a little sweet treat after dinner?

When it came my turn to give thanks, I was still a bit overwhelmed with the thoughts of this precious child whom had came into and touched my life. I gave thanks for the usual things — salvation, friends, family, church and health. I also decided then and there it was time to start a new Thanksgiving tradition. After giving our traditional thanks I suggested that we each give in a prayer request, a request that tugged at our hearts  and ask the family to continue praying for those requests throughout the year. Then next year we could recall our requests with anticipation, hope and faith that they had been answered. We would pray 365 days a year or until we had confirmation the prayer request had been answered.

Yes, it was time for a new Thanksgiving tradition.

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