And Yet

Several long-standing Christmas traditions are still in place. For instance, the Nutcracker is over a century old. Everybody loves it.

People have forgotten its first performance. Anything that could go wrong did. The ballerina had eaten too many sweet cakes. 

The children were all over the place and no one could figure out the battle scenes. Still the nutcracker recovered and lived to tell its story year after year.

Sometimes I have felt like the nutcracker. Bad reviews, bad decisions, poor speaking engagements. And yet…

When these things happen to me, I remember the Nutcracker and I remember God’s unfailing love and forgiveness and I start again.

Do not despair. The Nutcracker stood the test of time… and so can you. Get up. Put one foot in front of the other and start over. Why? Because you can, with God’s help, make something of your life. 

 “On your feet now. Get started. (Deuteronomy 2:24a)

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