Apple Bans App That Lets You Be Jesus

Apple has enjoyed enormous success personalizing its gadgets. Playing games and downloading a huge variety of applications (commonly referred to as apps) have become the norm for the army of iPod and iPhone users.

The runaway success has been tempered by some controversial apps, the latest one to impact the heart of Christian beliefs.

Apple banned an app called “Me So Holy,” which allows you to put a picture of your face on Jesus’ body. It can also be applied to other religious figures. It almost goes without saying how offensive this is for many people of faith.

This comes on the heels of Apple banning an app called “Baby Shaker” which allowed users to see how quickly they could shake the image of a baby until he or she died.

Being careful with censorship is wise.

So too is recognizing when a line has been crossed.

As developers continue to create games and apps and throw them at the marketplace wall to see what sticks, Apple will hopefully continue to create boundaries.


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