Ask Yourself

This is a continuation of August 1 and Mark 1:1-8, Amplified Bible.

Do I really believe that Jesus is the Son of God, sent by God? Do others around me know this about me? Why? Why not?

Am I a good ambassador for Christ? Do I leave straight paths for others searching for the Christ?                               

John was sure of his message. What is my message for Christ?

Have I really repented in every area of my life? Have I changed my mind for the better? Have I heartily amended my ways? Do I abhor my past sins? Have I received forgiveness for them?

If people heard my story would it draw them to the Christ or to me?

John wore the simplest of clothing and ate the simplest of food. Do I spend too much time and money on these things?

As strong, powerful and valiant as John was, he realized that he was nothing compared to Christ.  Does my pride get between me and Christ?

Finally, am I a Christian in name only or have I come into a personal relationship with the Christ? Why? Why not?

Prayer- Lord, give us the grace to take an honest look at ourselves through your eyes. For the Christ who made himself lower than the angels, for us. Amen. (From Hebrews 2:7,9)

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