Being Married Doesn’t Make Life Easier

A very good friend of mine who is single with children constantly makes the remark of how fortunate I am to be married.  Most of the time I just smile at that comment and let her go on to list all the woes of the single life.  I choose to remain painfully silent on how much of a challenge marriage really is.

I don’t say this because I regret being married.  I don’t say this because something is wrong with my husband.  I say this because our marriage wasn’t built on a Christian foundation.  Even those marriages that have been, they face huge challenges sometimes on a daily basis.  Let’s face it, marriage takes work!

But the work is even greater when you didn’t get off on the right footing.  To add to the challenge of marriage in general, my husband and I are also first generation Christians.  We were married for a good five years before I was the first to come into a relationship with the Lord. It was about a year later when he followed suit.

When we came into a relationship with the Lord and that drastically changed our lives.  However it didn’t erase our past.  It didn’t take away from the struggles we had before we got saved.  We still had repercussions from the sins of our marriage.

This is exactly why I try to instill in my children the importance of starting off a relationship with someone else on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.  It may not make a marriage easy but it will drastically help. 

My point is that being married doesn’t make life easier.  So if you are single, don’t be so quick to assume that your married friend has it good.  She may be dealing with some issues that you couldn’t fathom. 

If you are married and you are struggling, know that you are not alone.  Just because you may be Christians it doesn’t take away from the challenges of making a marriage work.  No, being married doesn’t make easier.  However, it sure does make it more interesting!

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