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Do you remember that childhood game of ‘May I?’ One person is the leader, keeps their back to the rest of the crowd and one by one the children ask…

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If I ask you what you are addicted to, what would you say?  I am a food addict. For the most part, I have recovered, but any day and, in…

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We want to, oh how we want to, but we don’t seem to. Let’s start together then. All change begins with contemplation. Will I or won’t I? How painful will…

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Never go back for seconds of what you have already eaten. Now that might be good diet advice but its even better life advice. What is not working for you?…

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1-Learn your life lessons the first time. Stop using a repeating rifle. 2- Evaluate what you learned. Ask for input from God and from others. 3-Accept responsibility for your own…

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Our wish lists are longer than our prayer lists…or are they one and the same? I wish I was size 10, but I ate three cupcakes. I wish I had…

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I am too old.  I don’t have the right education. I have no family backing. I have no money. I dislike the whole idea. I don’t feel safe doing that.…

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