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It seems we will believe anything today. The more absurd, the more we want to take it in as truth. I include here some of the old timers that we…

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Our Sunday school pictures of Jesus are sweet and comforting, loving even. But the risen Jesus looks like this. -One like the son of man. -Clothed in a full-length robe.…

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My car had a recurring problem with the stability track. (Don’t ask what it does. I have no idea!) The mechanics changed every possible part in the area. Finally, they…

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Stabbing is the term used when an assassin or a murderer is trying to take you out. (And I don’t mean to a baseball game!) Don’t call it stabbing when…

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Happy Flip a Coin Day, friends! Yes, there is such a thing. Two opposing teams or enemies or whatever, take a coin and flip it. As it falls, the flippers…

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Whatever you are looking for, it is not in your fridge, or your cooler, or your stash or whatever other hiding spot you have. Don’t give up before you even…

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Motivation gets you started; habit keeps you going. Stop with the excuses. Start now. Anything is better than nothing Monitor yourself.  Ask for help Learn from your experiences. Manage your…

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