Check Ups

Lately on face book there has been a discussion about the pain of a mammogram. (Men you might want to avoid this devotional if you fear “girl talk!”)

One gal posted…”That is why I have completely avoided this test. I wanted to scream! A mammogram is about fifteen seconds of squashing. Measure that against months and years of cancer treatment and possibly death… Ouch. Now who is hurting!

God has given us a way to fight many diseases but instead of trusting God and all the medical information around, we follow a celebrity or two into things like measles, whooping cough and mumps and avoidance of other types of health care.

Really folks we need a reality check. We North Americans aren’t good at any kind of pain. We ‘pill’ up just in case… Pain is our warning system and we close it down as often and as completely as we can.

To the rest of the world we look like wimps…and we are.

Face it: Your warriors are wimps. You’re sitting ducks. Your borders are gaping doors, inviting your enemies in. And who’s to stop them? (Nahum 3:13, MSG)

Prayer- Lord, give us the common sense to use our common sense. Amen.

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