Chicago suburb ’tips’ pizza guy $16,000 after carjacking

Evanston, a Chicago suburb just north of the city, is most often associated with Northwestern University.

It should now also be given kudos for its generosity.

Last week Papa John’s delivery driver Stephen Walker was beaten and carjacked outside am Evanston condominium complex. The 2003 Kia he depends upon for his job was damadged and his right arm was injured.

Condo resident Omar Gutiérrez called local police to report the crime.

Ordinarily, that’s where the story might end.

Fortunately it didn’t.

Walker and Gutiérrez struck up a conversation at the local police station waiting to view suspects in lineup. A laid off architect, Gutiérrez took Walker’s plight to heart and began an impromptu fundraiser.

The Chicago Tribune picked up on the story, a Website describing Walker’s plight was posted and donations to help him started coming in from as far away as South Korea.

On Tuesday, Gutiérrez presented Walker with $16,000 that been raised in a week’s time through the generosity of himself who sought justice through kindness. The block party style celebration prompted Walker to happily quip it was the best tip he had ever received.

Gutiérrez’s faith isn’t discussed in the Tribune story. His exemplary actions show a rare degree of social aptitude which all Christians should relate to and tip their cap for.


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