Luke 22: 19Then he took a loaf of bread; and when he had thanked God for it, he broke it apart and gave it to them, saying, This is my body, given for you. Eat it in remembrance of me(LB).

By the time communion is served, some of the bread edges may be a little dry or hard to swallow. As we swallow ours, let’s ask, “What is there about You, Lord that I find hard to swallow today? Why is that, Lord? Fix that in me, please.”

Let’s put the tip of our tongue to the glass edge when we think we have swallowed the last drop. There’s always a smidgen more in there.  We might pray “Oh, Lord, give me every bit of You that I can possibly have.”

If the elements are served in a slightly different manner, and we are bothered by that, we need to ask, “God, what is there that You want to change in my life? What am I afraid to let You change?Why, Lord?”

Communion is just that, a time for us to communion with God.

Prayer: Lord, thanks for hearing us, especially as we remember how You loved us when You died on the cross for our sins. Amen.

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