Control Your Happiness

Do you know who runs your happiness cycle? Yes. You guessed it. You do. My two little grandsons went to the store with daddy. They always used to spend time looking at the toys. 

But in the midst of Covid, Daddy said, “Sorry, boys. We aren’t allowed to do that right now. Their answer? “Okay. Then can we go look at the tomatoes?”

Happiness is choosing that response. Let’s stop whining and complaining about what we can’t have and instead enjoy what we can. Whining is uttering a long, high-pitched complaining cry. Complaining is expressing dissatisfaction or annoyance about something. 

God doesn’t like either one.

“How can I account for the people of this generation? They’re like spoiled children complaining to their parents.

(Luke 7:31, MSG)

Find your happiness where you are, friends. There is always something to be grateful for. Go look at the tomatoes!

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