Count It All Loss (Philippians 3)

Confidence in the flesh? Oh, yes that’s me.
I have too much of self, you see.
I have too much of my own will and power
That weakens and fails in the final hour. 

In Christ, whose power never fails,
I find there’s strength to stand the gales.
I learn He never takes ‘our’ things.
I give them up for heavenly wings! 

I stretch unto new things before.
On things behind I slam the door.
Oh God, I want the Mind of Christ.
Please help me count all things lost twice.

Once for the gain they were to me
And once for the suffering that set me free.
Oh God, these things to Thee are naught.
Help me to bring the things I’ve got

And lay them worthless at your feet,
To rise in glory, not defeat.

 Prayer: Father we bless your name and thank You for the Love that makes such a difference in our lives. We offer you all that we have and all that we are. In grateful thanks. Amen.

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