Curvy Girls And Cookie Dough

Little glances over your shoulder and there they are. You reach for a pack of peanut M&M’s and there they are. Everywhere we look there they are. Who, you ask?

I'm talking about the chiseled, barely clothed, airbrushed bodies covering weight loss magazines. Are they there to make curvy girls feel abnormal? Are they there to pass judgment on the chocolate chip cookie dough moving across the scanner? 

Can’t a hungry, stressed-out mama pull her cartoon-shaped buggy up to the grocery counter, throw down her not-so-good-for-her treats, and drive away guilt-free?

Ahem and Amen?

I tell myself I don’t care. I roll my eyes and think, “I’m eating the cookie dough anyway.” But honestly, I walk away feeling less than satisfied. I am less than satisfied with myself; and less than satisfied with the cookie dough (I’m about to unroll and eat in my car).

People can’t satisfy us. Food can’t satisfy us. Possessions can’t satisfy us. Body image will never satisfy us.

God is the only one who can bring satisfaction to an unsatisfied soul.

Dr. John Piper’s motto is “God is MOST glorified in us when we are MOST satisfied in Him.”

Are you satisfied in Him,

Just Him, and

Only Him?

All the weight loss gurus explain that when we eat, we should stop before feeling too full. We eat just enough to be somewhat satisfied. This is difficult when temptation-on-a-stick is starring at us from the plate below.

With God, there is no holding back. There is no pacing ourselves. There is no stopping because we think we’ve had enough. We can indulge in Him all we want to. We can gorge our unsatisfied stomachs with the decadence of God’s Holy Word until we are full, full, full. Then and only then, will we be completely satisfied.

Let’s all say it together…

“I WILL be satisfied with Your presence,” ~Psalm 17:15 (HCSB, emphasis added).

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