Dis This

A prefix is a group of letters that go at the beginning of a word to change its original meaning.
A suffix is just the opposite. It goes at the end of words.

“Dis” is the prefix, the three little letters we find in front of words like “discipline”, “disclose”, “discharge”, “discard”, “discuss”, “dishonour”, “disorderly”, “displease”, and “disobedience”. Just think of the new words we get by adding a dis- to the old ones.

“Disdain” is another dis- word that comes to mind.

“Therefore the Lord, the God of Israel, declares: ‘I promised that members of your family would minister before me forever.’ But now the Lord declares: ‘Far be it from me! Those who honor me I will honor, but those who despise me will be disdained. (1 Samuel 2:30, NIV)

God is speaking to Eli, the priest. Because of their disobedience, his family lost their right to minister before the Lord.

This verse speaks volumes. God says you honour me? I honour you. You despise me? I disdain you.

Definitely not a position I would want to be in. How about you?

Prayer – Father God, forgive us if we have ever, in any way despised you. For Christ.  Amen

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