Do Christian women have to be frumpy and boring?

Why do Christian women get pegged as frumpy and boring? The stereotypical Christian woman isn’t exactly fashionable and hip. But why?

There is no reason we, as Christian women can’t change this stereotype and I want to change this common misconception.

Just because you care about what you look like and how you present yourself to the world doesn’t make you conceited, vain, or stuck up!

I think Nandi Mngoma says it well when she shares in her own blog, “Life is really about things that last for eternity–your personality, legacy, spirituality… So why all the fuss with things only tangible? Be funky and at peace with the life the good Lord gives you and do your best! Enjoy it!”

Another blogger writes that guilt is the word that sums up her experience of “living in the world as a woman for God.” We should not feel guilty for looking fashionable. There are plenty of sites for fashionably modest clothing–one example and one of my personal favorites is I love how they stay with the styles we enjoy wearing today, just with higher necklines and longer lengths. Nothing over the top, but just enough to stand out as standing up for God in our fashion decisions.

I love this perspective on when fashion becomes vanity. She addresses exactly what I mentioned before: “Do I have to be frumpy to be godly?” Absolutely not!

Life is all about God. He is the reason we live. He wants us to enjoy this beautiful creation he has blessed us with. For some of us women, one of the ways to take pleasure in his creation is by enjoying fashion, and beauty tips and putting them into application in our lives.

Then, as far as health goes–our body is a temple as unto the Lord–let’s encourage each other to take care of it! I am an avid runner, on scholarship to run cross-country entire college career.

I love taking care of my body and seeing everything from mood to performance prosper and improve.

God has given each of us the ability to move around, so do it! As my best friend Adrian (a Marine stationed here in the states), always says, “Take the stairs!” It’s the little things that count.

I know you’ve heard that before, but it’s true. There are so many things in our society that allow us to take shortcuts. With every shortcut we take however, we are cheating our health.

Food and exercise, among other health topics, interest me most. I haven’t honed my cooking skills yet, so I’ll be trying recipes here and there, telling you about workouts you can do with me, and helping to encourage you in your quest to be the best godly you all-around.

God says in Psalm 16:11 that if we look to him and seek his counsel, he will make known to us the path of life! I’m ready to get started living a fuller life! Let me tell you, when you look great, feel great and have a smile on your face, you’re bound to appear different to the world. You have a spring in your step that wasn’t there before! It’s confidence that only God can provide!

So my goal in this blog series is to journey with you in fashion, beauty and health from a godly woman’s perspective. I’ll share with you my life experiences, journeys and tips I’ve learned along the way and from other godly women.

There’s nothing wrong with being godly and wanting to look your best. So come along with me and lets see God breath life into our dreams!





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  1. ashderks said:

    Wow, I am really excited about this site. Good job Morgan, this is great! I can’t wait to keep up to date with this, I think it will be something I will like a lot! 🙂

    July 30, 2009
  2. EternalLizdom said:

    I think it isn’t about being frumpy vs being frilly. It’s about loving yourself inside and out. When you really achieve self love, respect, and appreciation, beauty flows. It may flow in the form of a more polished appearance. It may flow in a certain internal glow that spreads to others. But the bottom line is that the focus doesn’t need to be on any level of appearance. My focus should be on making the best choices I can every day to make certain that I am living my life as close to the plan that God has for me. If that means putting on some make up- fine. If that means not shaving my legs- fine. Because it isn’t the outside part that matters. It’s the inside part that shines out that will reflect on others.

    July 30, 2009

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