Don’t Forget The Least Of These At Christmas

As a wife and mom, I often feel like all I ever do is give.  There are times when it seems my hand is always reaching out to others but no one is lending me a hand.  While I know that isn’t really true, it can still feel that way sometimes.

 During the busy holiday season I find myself immersed in things to do and a list to check off.  While every year the focus has been on preparing my home for Christmas, this year we were able to experience something as a family we had never done before.  It was to set aside a day to serve needy families.

 Early on a Saturday morning my family traveled to another side of town, a more dicey area that my children have never been exposed to.  The entire experience forced us to get out of our comfort zones, to experience a bit of a culture shock. 

 The flow of the morning was to register the families as they came in and then they would get a family picture taken by this beautiful background with a Christmas tree.  After pictures they sat down to be served pancakes and sausage.  After breakfast they heard a Christian rap artist perform and then before they left, received bags of Christmas presents.

 While my children didn’t exactly go into this with enthusiasm, by the time the event was over with they were ready to do it again.  It really sat heavy in my heart how this is something we should be doing every year.

 Yes, it is a busy time of year and there are so many things to do and so many people to remember.  But are we thinking about the “least of these”?  Are we willing to take just one day to help out at a homeless shelter?  Are we willing to give?  To contribute to Operation Christmas?  To provide a meal to a family in need?  To donate a brand new toy? 

 If we are truly going to put Christ as the focus of Christmas then we have to be willing to follow the example of Jesus.  Jesus was the greatest example of what it means to serve and give to others in need.  This Christmas don’t forget the least of these. 

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