Elevator Etiquette

Ever been stuck in an elevator with a few folks? There are rules.

Don’t push the button after it lights up. It shows your impatience.

 Don’t block the doorway. (This applies to any doorway!) Dangerous and rude!

Don’t have a private discussion in front of others. It’s rude and inconsiderate and you don’t know who is listening.

Try to give others some personal space.

And while you are there, or in any other short, but close proximity, you might share your elevator salvation speech. It’s the two minutes you have to share the Gospel with someone.

Here is mine.

When I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my life, he helped me give up a sixteen- year addiction to bulimia. Jesus will never, no ever, not ever leave me nor forsake me and I needed him so badly through two bouts of cancer and the death of my husband.

You can read Paul’s testimony in Acts 22:6-21. His elevator speech might look like this.

The Lord spoke to me on the Damascus Road. His light blinded me, but He sent me to meet Ananias, who restored my sight and told me to get baptized, wash my sins away and call on the Lord’s name. Then the Lord sent me as a missionary unto the Gentiles.

What is yours? 

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