Real estate executive running three triathlons on behalf of FCA

An Arizona real estate executive will compete in three consecutive triathlons from November 20-22 to raise funds and awareness for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Gary Brasher, 51-year-old resident of Tubac, Ariz., will compete by himself Nov. 20 and 21 and compete Nov. 22 at the Arizona Ironman event in Tempe. “As I look at our walk through life, it’s about faith and endurance,” Brasher said. “Staying at something. Getting up on those days when you don’t want to get up. Doing things you sometimes don’t want to do, but you know they are the right things to do. It would be great to see the focus and the message for youth be one of faith through endurance.” Money raised through Brasher’s efforts will go toward the more than 300 summer sports camps FCA operates. “I came to know the Lord through FCA and that’s why it has a special place in my heart,” Brasher said. “I don’t think there is a more effective vehicle to reach young people for Jesus Christ in America today than FCA.” Brasher’s commitment to FCA was underscored by an experience in the 1980s when he was struggling to get enough enrollments for a football camp. He was able to connect with the late Tom Landry, the Hall of Fame coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Landry’s appearance led to skyrocketing enrollment and his presence and presentation girded Brasher’s commitment to FCA. “It didn’t have anything to do with me. A man of character, integrity and faith let his name be used to promote the camp and attract young people to it,” Brasher said. “That typified for me what FCA does every day at some level all across the United States.” Brasher’s story, training and fundraising efforts can be tracked on his event Web site at Link: Fellowship of Christian Athletes:

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