Fears or Faith

Is your faith bigger than your fears? Try the PINK ELEPHANT Test.

1. Let’s Close our eyes and think of pink elephants. 

2. Now, stop thinking of pink elephants. 

3. WE CAN’T!

4. Now close our eyes again and think of purple giraffes.  

5. The pink elephants are gone!

Don’t wonder how life would be if ……we obeyed God. Obey God now and find out!

What attitudes are we carrying in our pandemic dazes? Do you feel stuck? Unproductive?  Bypassed by life.  Rejected? Unloved?

Stop right there. No matter how the world treats us, we can always be sure of love. If we ask Jesus to forgive our sins, to make us part of his family, we become one of God’s Beloved.

BELOVED = Being Eternally Loved Overwhelmingly Valued Endlessly Dear.

The World’s Happiest People do things for others, -are grateful, do five random acts of kindness every day, accept God’s forgiveness, forgive others, forgive themselves and keep a daily gratitude journal. 

Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude. (Colossians 4:2, MSG)

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