Fish Bones and Feathers

I hesitate to tell you this but because of a piece of salmon, bones attached, I ended up in the hospital emergency waiting room. I do not use the term ‘waiting’ loosely. However, when others are sicker, they get to go first. That’s the way it should be.

While waiting, I encountered many possible new friendships and a few of the other kind. A little waiting never hurt a person. In fact, our true selves show best under stress.


  • Man- I hate this place.
  • Me- It’s a great place when you have trouble.
  • Man- There are other options.
  • Me- Yes, you could cut off your own leg in an emergency.

He moved across the room away from me.

What comes out of you when life doesn’t go your way? Who died and put you in charge, above the rest of us? When life squeezes us like a ketchup bottle, only Jesus should come out of us.

Oh, wait. Jesus died for our sins and he is the one in charge. We would do well to remember that.

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