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Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. Today’s Five to Live By highlight Holy Week, Good Friday, and Easter. 

President Obama on Easter

Ed Stetzer quotes from and provides a video highlight of President Obama’s remarks about Holy Week at the National Prayer Breakfast. They include: “But then comes Holy Week. The triumph of Palm Sunday. The humility of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. His slow march up that hill, and the pain and the scorn and the shame of the cross. And we’re reminded that in that moment, he took on the sins of the world—past, present and future—and he extended to us that unfathomable gift of grace and salvation through his death and resurrection.” Read and view more at President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

Holy Week Timeline

Stephen Smith at Bible Gateway has created a fascinating Holy Week Timeline Visualization

Evidence for the Resurrection

Justin Taylor posts two videos of Dr. William Lane Craig’s presentation Is There Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Jesus’ Resurrection and Yours

Pastor Steve DeWitt makes a great biblical case for the fact that after the resurrection you will still be you. Read about 15 characteristics of Christ’s resurrection body and yours in Resurrection Characteristics

The Cross and Christ’s Love

Over at Desiring God, Michael Johnson offers an extended series of quotes from J. I. Packer in Packer, the Cross, and Christ’s Love

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