Is that how your past year looked? Take another gander. No matter what happened there, Christ was in it, just as he is in the title of this devotional.

What will this coming year look like? I don’t know and you don’t either but the one thing sure as sure and forever is this. Christ in us the hope of glory!

Colossians 1:27

This is so exciting because there was a day when that did not happen. In the Old Testament, God gave the Holy Spirit to a chosen few for a particular task.

But because of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Christ in us indwells us permanently, that is, if we ask Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour.

Once we were dead in our sins. But now…but now!!!! Our dead hearts are alive, revived and expecting life beyond our death!

Can you grasp that? The old you is gone and the new one is in place. You are not what you were. You are a new creature in Christ!

Prayer- Lord, thank you that we live in these exciting times, with you in us, You, Lord the hope of glory. Amen.

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