For a BFF Friend

My friend is as my friend does; with her, I can be free.

I open up my heart to her and she lets me just be me.

We talk about the major things, we laugh and moan and share

But always underneath it all is friendly, kindly care.

As time goes on I’m certain that just as we are now

We’ll blossom into old age and deepen friendship’s vow.

We’re on the cusp of special, God’s plans for us- intent

Forever ruined for ordinary, we’ll go where we are sent.

Our love for Jesus evident, our hearts both true for him

He’ll fill us with his message yes, right topping up to the brim

As we strive to follow Christ’s way and follow where we’re sent.

Our friendship keeps on steady with never slight nor dent.

by Brenda J Wood


Use this verse to bless or encourage your BFF in Christ.

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”(Luke 1:45, NIV)

Prayer-Lord you so kindly tell us how much you care about us. Thank you for a way to do the same for our friends. Amen.

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