For Madoff’s Victims, There Is a Free Lunch

A Manhattan restaurant is offering a free three-course meal to anyone able to prove they were victimized by Bernard Madoff’s now infamous Ponzi scheme. Ninos 208 is located near the office building where Madoff ran his fraudulent business.

The menu sounds appetizing, especially if you enjoy Italian food.

More importantly owner Nino Selimaj is being gracious based on his own mistakes having lost a bundle in the market nine years ago.

It doesn’t rank on the scale of confronting any number of major social ills. Yet generating a little compassion and sacrificing a few sales to people who have been in the same position as you is commendable.

Selimaj isn’t a dummy when it comes to marketing either: there’s nothing like a little free press to bring in a few extra customers.

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  1. Klamarra said:

    My guess is that free meal will be all Madoff investors come away with!

    March 20, 2009

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