Funeral For A Christian Brother

A man in our church drowned while out kayaking. My wife an I did not really know him all that well, but his mother goes to the same home group as us so we went to support her.

This is a new experience for me. Death is no stranger, but it is the first time I have known of a Christian to die in accidental circumstances.

As a writer one of my favorite pastimes is people-watching. You can get so many ideas for characters by just watching people be themselves. The bus station or airports are greatplaces to do this. Even church on Sunday is full of hidden opportunities, although I might add this is not the reason for going.

At Mark’s funeral, I found my mind beginning to wander. After the celebration of his life, we went out back for some morning tea. Here I noticed some distinct differences. At a Christian funeral, the first thing that stood out was the heaviness associated with worldly funerals was not present.

Fellow mourners were placid and at peace. There was an air of happiness about them. After all Mark is a born-again Christian, and was going to a better place, was he nott? Afterward we went out to the crematorium. We said our good-byes to Mark’s body. Next, a curtain was closed between the casket and us. There was some emotion, but overall the same spirit of happiness was present.

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