Funny Duck

Funny Duck is the name of Linda S. Smith’s new book. It’s a collection of all her best work from the past years. Her poetry, cartoons, and wise words have encouraged many over the years and now we can enjoy them all in one package.
Funny Duck is her neighborhood nickname. When any of us gather with her, we end up like a bunch of funny ducks, chortling laughter all over the place.
That got me to wondering what do we call a group of ducks/ The dictionary revealed this.
A bunch of ducks is a bunch, a group, a paddling, a plump, a raft, a skein, a string or a team. Each word spoke to me.
Together we are indeed a bunch or a group. We are sisters in Christ paddling for all we are worth into God’s kingdom. We are a raft indeed because we float together into joy and God help us, a few of us are plump! We are a skein, like a skein of yarn, connected to one another because we are all knit into fellowship with Jesus. We string out across the neighborhood, sharing Christ where we can. And finally, we are all on the same team!
Look for the ‘Funny Ducks’ where you live and join them. Be one of the many who are like-minded for Christ and living life to the full.
I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. (John 5:11, NIV)

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