Future of Faith

A picket, a pocket, there’s something in the docket.

The wrapping ripped, the gift not mine, so how to end this snoopy time?

Shall I give up this loathsome thing? What if it’s an engagement ring?

What if it’s money, or drug-induced?   Or books on how to grow produce?

Perhaps it is a Fitbit? I need a new one. Or maybe it’s just gum to chew.

I peek. The edge is slightly torn. I look. My heart is so forlorn.

Another rip, the lining’s done. I must keep on. They call this fun?

A chirp within, I drop the thing. What is it? Yikes what is that BR_R_R_ing?

A watch, a clock, a tweety bird? A fearful critter? Cattle heard?

I’m in so deep I must go on. I brave myself with heart a-bong!

Lo and behold, deed gone amuck. I’m for it now. My life does suck.

A thief I am, a peeping Tom. Serves me right if it’s a bomb.

Irony beyond the pale; the sending of myself to jail.

Falling open, page quite clear, John 3:16 a verse held dear

By many, 

But unknown to me. Till now! And now my conscience cleansed by He

I share the Word with neighbor pal and thank the Lord that all is well.

 For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He even gave up His only begotten, and unique Son, so that whoever believes I, or trusts in, or clings to and relies on Him shall not perish or come to destruction, or be lost, but will have eternal and everlasting life. (John 3:16)

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