Gift of Pain

Are you an all or nothing person? You know what I mean. You see everything as one of these.

  1. Rosy-cozy
  2. Doom-gloom.

The ‘big’ word for rosy-cozy is Utopia, meaning an ideal and perfect place or state where everyone lives in harmony and everything is for the best. Wouldn’t that be nice—and a little boring?

Dystopia means the exact opposite. It is the doom-gloom, an imaginary place where everything is as bad as it possibly can be. Maybe not boring but definitely scary!

Now honestly, I ask you, no matter our state today, is it really all one or the other? Are we too eager to divide our lives into segments like the Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

We may have those days but when Christ enters our life…shouldn’t there be more of a pleasant h-u-m-m-m, a happy medium, simply because we know God is in charge and on our side? Even in the midst of painful grief, I’ve always known that it would get easier because the Bible repeatedly says “It came to pass…it never says it came to stay.

We will experience bad things, but even in their midst, there will be sprinkles of good. Perhaps we need to make a list so that when gloom and doom threaten to overtake us, we will recall that the Lord is good and greatly to be praised!

There will be brighter days but praise God for that love that was so deep and so dear that some of that pain will always linger. It really is a gift! (Gina Kelly Ellis)

Psalm 147:3-He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds [curing their pains and their sorrows]. (AMP)

Prayer: Lord, thank you for reminding us that dark doesn’t last forever. Amen.

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