Good Morning, God!

Too often we respect and uphold those in authority over us without giving God His due respect or considering His opinions and feelings. While the Bible admonishes Believers to pray for those in authority and obey them, we must also honor God. Acknowledging Him and praising Him continually throughout the day are two ways to do that. Not only does it make Him happy, it benefits you as well. You may not realize that saying something as simple as, “Good Morning, Father,” could be the very thing that gets you through the day, protects your drive to and from work or enables you to complete your job assignments with ease. Invite the Lord into your home, in your car and into your workplace. He wants to help you in every situation you face.

From speaking confessions in the morning to talking with God while eating breakfast, make Him an integral part of your daily routine. Consult Him about what to wear in the morning or what you should spend your money on that day. God wants to get involved in even the smallest details of your life. He cares that much! When you invite Him in, you let Him know how important He is to you and how much you depend on His guidance and direction.

Even the seemingly smallest rituals of praise add glory to the covenant relationship we have with God and shows Him honor. We release a multitude of blessings, favor and protection just by acknowledging Him, speaking His Word and recognizing our roles as servants. This not only pleases Him, but also is vital to our living in His will.

One way you can honor God is simply with your attitude. When you have a servant attitude, you conduct yourself in a way that makes visible the presence of God in you; you represent Him well to others, particularly those who don’t know Him. This doesn’t mean you are perfect, but it shows that you are striving to please Him in everything you do.

Another way to honor God is to express our gratefulness for what He has already done for us. Be thankful for how He has blessed you and be in expectation of receiving more from Him as you seek to demonstrate His love through your life. Too often we bring the problems of yesterday into today, but let every day bring a new blessing your way and anticipate it on a daily basis.

If you make up your mind that no matter what happens, you will serve and honor God, you give Him permission to get involved in every area of your life. In addition, deciding to serve God releases His divine protection into your life (Daniel 6:16, 20-22).

Regardless of where you are in your walk with the Lord, if you meditate on God’s Word and purpose to serve, honor and acknowledge Him, you can experience total victory in life. When you get up in the morning say, “Good Morning, Lord, what is it that I can do for you today?” This small gesture of affection toward God and acknowledgement of His presence positions you to walk in divine protection and favor. God wants to be your continual source of peace, joy, love and provision, so make up your mind to spend the day with Him! 

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