Holy/Black Saturday

I was thinking how quiet our Saturday is, that is the one between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It turns out that is a fine thing to be…quiet.

This Saturday is called Holy or Black Saturday and is the reminder that Jesus was in the tomb on that Saturday in history.

This is the tradition ‘egg colouring’ day in preparation for the Easter celebration. In some countries it is called Judas Day and people ‘take revenge’ on Judas. In North America we don’t do much except maybe prepare the ham or stuff the next day’s turkey.

Whatever you do, don’t call it Easter Saturday. Easter Saturday falls on the Saturday after Easter Sunday.

What will you do today? What if we used it to reflect on what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us all those years ago?

What if we made it the day that we decided to ask him to forgive our sin and come into our lives?

Yes…what if?

Prayer- Lord, we pause to remember that everything about you has changed our lives in so many ways, always for the good. Thank you. Amen.

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