Holy Humour Sunday

God got the last laugh and the last word! Christ is raised from the dead!!

Why not sing songs like “This is the Day”; “Rejoice in the Lord Always”; “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy”;” and “I’ve Got Peace Like a River.”

Why not read scriptures like Psalm 98:4 which tell us to make a joyful noise onto the Lord?

Jesus was not some sourpuss—absolutely not! Let’s celebrate the greatest miracle in human history–Jesus, raised from the dead!

Why not celebrate our own up-from-death events like overcoming sickness, depression, emotional trauma?

God has so much in store for us. While we complain about what is wrong, God is telling us that it’s all right!

“Psalm 144:15 ‘Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.’

After all the angel brought good news of Jesus birth and surely the angels sitting at the tomb opening were grinning when they announced…He is risen!

You can find more information on Holy Humour Sunday and how to celebrate it at The Joyful Newsletter

Prayer –  Lord gives us enough gumption to at least smile when we hear the words He Is Risen!! Amen

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