I’m Not Perfect So How Can God Use Me?

'I am with you; that is all you need. My power shows up best in weak people.'  (2 Corinthians) 12:9a (LB)

As I look over the years past in my own life, I can see so many times where I lost opportunities because of my own lack of confidence.

I remember the last year in high school, I was doing very well in my shorthand class. There was a state competition, and my teacher wanted me to participate. So I said yes, with great fear in my heart. I worked hard to prepare and was excited for the chance to finally excell at something!

But on that Saturday morning of the trip,  I got up with total fear in my whole being. I told my mom I couldn't do it. She realized I was going to be sick, so she called my teacher and I was set free. But in the deepest part of my heart, I WAS sick…sick with myself because I didn't take the chance, and because I had let my teacher down.

There are countless times when I wanted to volunteer to do something in organizations or at work, or even in church. But I didn't because I didn't feel equipped. I don't have any one talent that stands out, nothing that sets me apart from all the other 'ordinaries'. And there are many people like me, who do not have that one thing that could make a difference for them.

But Christians do have that one thing…it is Jesus. He does not care about our 'talents.' He could care less if we can make a quilt, sing a song, write a story, or even clean our houses well. He cares about what is in our hearts, and if we have hearts that are simply…willing.

With a willing heart, God can accomplish much. Look at Moses. Look at Mary and Joseph. Look at Paul, who had to go through a radical change. Take a look at 12 other men who were simple fishermen, tax collectors, physicians. They were from all walks of life. And they all did great things with and by the hand of Christ.

We don't have to be perfect. God tells us to aspire to it, to be as like Christ as we can. God only wants us to be available for His purposes, and to be happy about it!

 Rick Warren, in The Purpose Driven Life,  says, 'If God only used perfect people, nothing would ever get done.'  There is great truth in that statement. I know, because I am serving…I have found a place, and now I take that chance. I have yet to be disappointed in what God has done.

So get ready to get ready. Be willing, take a chance and show God that you want to serve Him, and be surprised when you find you can do more than you ever thought possible; because with God, all things are indeed possible.

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