John Wesley Covenant Service 1781 (Part Two)

Leader- Lord, we honour and worship you. We dedicate ourselves to your service.              People-We agree to obey his commands and to follow his teaching. Let us agree to listen to the spirit without holding back. Do what you want with us Jesus. Lord, place us where you want us, whether we be full or whether we be empty, whether we have all things or nothing, God’s desire is to be our everything.

Leader-What will it take to commit ourselves to God’s plan?

First- it means the forgiveness of our sins and the realizing that we need God’s grace.

Second- it means resolving that we live as servants of others in the name of God.

Third- it means not trusting our strength and ability, but anchoring ourselves in God alone. 

Covenant Prayer- Lord, we accept your gift of covenant relationship with you, Oh God of both heaven and earth. The benefits of this covenant come as we trust and obey. We offer ourselves as disciples of your son, Jesus who came and lived out your perfect law of love. We ask for the empowerment of your Holy Spirit so that we might live out your ways. We cannot obey unless Jesus lives in us. We come to you through Christ. Amen

Communion/ The Lord’s Supper (See 1 Corinthians 11:23-26) Let us quiet our hearts to hear from the Lord.

Prayer- Lord may your spirit make us one with Christ, one with each other, united in service to the world. Amen

Worship music and hymns   Dismissal- May the Lord Jesus Christ, who seals the new covenant with his blood on the cross, bring you peace and may the Holy Spirit guide your life now and forever. Go in peace to serve the Lord. Amen

I pray you find your commitment remembered and strengthened always in the Lord, forever. Amen.

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