Just Say Yes

“I knew acting was what I wanted to do. That meant hard work. That meant rejection. You hear ‘No’ a lot more than you hear ‘Yes’ in this business. (Alison Sweeney, Quoted in Guideposts January 2011)

Many people hear about Jesus and when it comes to decision time, they say no because they don’t want to give up certain companions, or habits or lifestyles.  Strange really, when Jesus is not a negative choice. 

When we choose Jesus, we are saying:

-Yes, to love.

-Yes, to belonging.

-Yes, to eternal life.

-Yes, to our sins forgiven.

-Yes, to wholeness.

-Yes, to becoming part of the family of God.

-Yes, to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

If you are still saying no, consider the Christ who is Lord of the yes and a better life.

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