Learn from Everything

Is this true of us? Do we learn from every step we take? 

I confess I’ve had to step into the same mess a few times till I got it right! I tried to justify myself in my messes, but I just got in deeper until I realized the deeper the mess, the messier I got.

I tried looking up mess in the Bible and my search engine highlighted the word message like this. MESSage. Then I realized that my messes really did age me! The word is appropriate.

Then I came across this verse.

“I know what rebels you are, how stubborn and willful you can be. Even today, while I’m still alive and present with you, you’re rebellious against God. How much worse when I’ve died!

I have something I need to say directly with Heaven and Earth as witnesses. After I die, you’re going to make a mess of things, abandoning the way I commanded, inviting all kinds of evil consequences in the days ahead. You’re determined to do evil in defiance of God—I know you are—deliberately provoking his anger by what you do.”

(Deuteronomy 31:27-29, MSG)

This verse sounds like what happens to our families after we pass on. Church going, God loving people abandon God when Mom and Dad pass. Were you all pretending while we were here? Shame on you.

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