Learning a New Language

A television host recently mentioned that she used the Ubbi Dubbi language. I confess that term was brand new to me. So, of course, I researched it.

To speak Ubbi Dubbi you have to UB in front of every vowel sound in a word. Also, you must stress the first syllable and not the others. I found this very hard. I had an easier time learning French and Latin in school.

Anyway, here is a word for you to try out.

Mississippi in Ubbi Dubbi would be Mubissubissubippubi

I presume you pronounce it as it sounds…GOOD GRIEF!

And people say they don’t understand what God is saying! Thank God he doesn’t write in Ubbi Dubbi!

For we write you nothing else but simply what you can read and understand [there is no double meaning to what we say], and I hope that you will become thoroughly acquainted [with divine things] and know and understand [them] accurately and well to the end, (2 Corinthians 1:13, AMP)

Prayer- Dear Lord, give us understanding as we read the scriptures and thank you there is no Ubbi Dubbi in them. Amen.

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