Learning To Delegate

It has often been said that in most churches, 10 to 20 percent of the congregation does 80 to 100 percent of all the work needed to be done to keep the church running efficiently. No wonder pastors and ministers experience burn out and there is a high turn over rate in ministry fields. Could it be that they are overworked? Probably.

In Exodus 18,  there is a discussion between Moses and his father-in-law Jethro. While Jethro was visiting, he observed Moses taking his daily place as judge before the people, settling any disputes or questions they might have. Jethro asked Moses why Moses was doing this alone. This was not good. Trying to do everything by yourself without help eventually causes burn out. So Jethro gave Moses some constructive criticism.  Jethro instructed Moses on how to choose a group of capable men to help lead the people as a group or counsel of Elders. These men would also be instructed in the law. It should no longer be just one man by himself trying to do all the work, but a delegation working together for the good of the whole community.

In our daily lives, the same principle applies. Many families have several obligations in the home, outside the home and in the community. If one person, for example the mother, tries to hold down a job, come home and do all the cleaning, all the yard work and all the cooking, she's going to be exhausted. It's better if every member of the family pitches in to help with the housework, yard work and cooking duties. Give mom a break.

The same applies in the local church. Everyone has a gift and a talent. If you can cook, volunteer to cook for church socials and members who are ill. If your gift is working with children, consider volunteering in the nursery or teaching a Sunday school class. If you have a gift for outreach and missions, volunteer to visit new families in the community once a week. The point is there is something for everyone. Don't let a few of the faithful do the majority of the work. This will eventually cause burn out. Delegate. Imagine how wonderful church attendance could be if, let's say, 50 percent or more of the congregation were actively involved in church maintenance  and church ministry. I could almost bet the church would be busting at the seams. It would probably be a very happy, peaceful and energetic congregation with very little personnel turn over. 

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