Lessons From The Gospel Of John: Why Do You Follow Jesus?

While Jesus was in Jerusalem at the Passover festival, many people believed in him because they saw the miracles that he performed. – John 2:23

Nothing has changed. After a disaster like hurricane Katrina or the devastation in New York on 9/11, churches are packed – for a while. People are seeking comfort, assurance and even miracles. John writes that many believed because they saw the miracles.

I wonder how many continued to believe when Jesus was hanging on the cross? Later John writes that Jesus’ mother and the other Mary were there, as was John, but no one else is mentioned. Many watched from a distance, but they were afraid to come closer. Thousands came to hear a great prophet, tens of thousands came to eat the free meals, only three or four stood by Him in His time of trial.

Why do you follow Jesus? Are you looking for a miracle? It’s okay to seek God's blessings, including the miraculous. We pray for His intervention on a daily basis. But if God did nothing else, ever, to improve my life, the sacrifice on the cross of Calvary is more than enough for me to worship Him for all of eternity.  I deserve to spend eternity separated from God and in the hell He prepared for the demons because, yes, I am a sinner. Because I am a sinner saved by His grace, I do not have that future.

What is your future? You too are a sinner, we all are – no exceptions. Have you accepted His mercy? Have you asked fro His forgiveness? Today could truly be the first day of a new life.

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