Life’s New Necessities

My internet has been down for a few hours, and you would think life as I know it, is over. Quite frankly, it is! How have I become so dependent on it? I always said I would not be, but here I am. With it, I contact friends and family and even total strangers. I research on it and read on it and write on it.

What did we ever do without it? How did our parents ever manage to be without cell phones, online shopping and search engines? All these things are now our life necessities. We cannot, won’t live without them.

If we come across someone who isn’t keeping up with the times, we quietly judge them as slackers in this online age. Be honest though; once that person was us. We too feared the great unknown.

Thankfully some necessities of life have remained the same. No matter how you try to evade them, God and his kingdom continue.

Still, there are slackers there too; people who have not yet decided to step into the new of Christ.
I hope that is not you. Jesus is waiting for you to try life’s forever necessity…him.

And he brought them out [of the dungeon] and said, Men, what is it necessary for me to do that I may be saved? (Acts 16:30, AMP)

Prayer-Lord, I pray for all those who do not yet know you as their personal necessity for life. Grab their hearts as firmly to you as it is to their internet, for Christ. Amen.

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