Listen Up

Do you feel that God doesn’t hear your prayers or that your prayers bounce against the ceiling and go no farther? It might be a forgiveness issue on your part.

Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive them; they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Dividing up his clothes, they threw dice for them. The people stood there staring at Jesus, and the ringleaders made faces, taunting, “He saved others. Let’s see him save himself! The Messiah of God—ha! The Chosen—ha!” (Luke 23:34-35, MSG)

Jesus forgave those who crucified him but it seems they did not accept that forgiveness. Christ is the greatest forgiver of all.

How well do you think their prayers would have been answered at that point?

Now let us answer that same question on our own behalf. Have I forgiven? Am I holding any grudges? It is time to forgive.

Prayer-Dear Jesus, with your help, I choose as an act of my will to forgive __________ for_______and release them into your hands to deal with. Their offence against me made me __________.  Forgive me for holding onto any unforgiveness towards ________________ . Thank you for your Holy Spirit who will help, comfort and guide me through this process of healing. Amen.


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