Lots Of Talk, Little Action In Making Big Faith Changes

We all know it’s out there. Many of use it with increasing regularity.


Chat rooms.




And on and on.

There are no shortages of ways for people to communicate with one another. In fact, over the past decade there has been a bona fide explosion of ways to get in touch with one another.

So, naturally that would translate into a lot more people have many more deeper conversations about faith, and in the case of Christians, why they believe in the Trinity, salvation and the like, correct? Yes.

That would also mean that a fair number of people have been swayed in their opinions about the Christian faith – positively or negatively – in the previous few years. Hmm, think again.

A survey conducted by The Barna Group in August showed that just a mere 7 percent of those surveyed said they had undergone a major faith transformation in the past five years. Of that 7 percent, it was roughly split between those who reported deeper Christian commitments and those who drifted away.

The bottom line here, while perhaps a little surprising considering all the avenues for communication, is that the message is only as good as the person delivering it. There is unquestionably a fine line walk between declaring your faith and coming off as too pushy or arrogant.

And it’s a line still being figured out to a great deal despite wide open channels.

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