Three Aviation Accidents: Where Is God?

Three aviation accidents in an eight-day period this month claimed a total of 210 lives.

Air India Express Flight 812 Type Boeing 737-8HG traveling from Dubai UAE to Mangalore India, crashed on May 22. It attempted to land at Mangalore Airport, when it overran the runway, slid down a ravine into a wooded valley and burst, killing 158 out of 166 people on board, making it the 58th worst fatal accident in the history of aviation. 

Five days before that, May 17, a plane had crashed in Salang pass, Afghanistan. Pamir Airlines type Antonv An-24B killing all 44 people on board and still, on May 15 another plane crashed into a forest due to poor weather 10 minutes after taking off from Godo Olo Air Strip – Blue Wings Airlines Type Antonv An-28, killing all 8 people on board.

Three aircraft with about 210 people on board, plunged into death within 8 days. There were passengers, including Christians perhaps. Christians who had prayed for a safe trip, and who had family who prayed for them, were killed. 

Where is God when accidents happen? Does He lose control? Doesn’t He care? 

Jesus answered this question surprisingly. He did not apologize for the incidents. God did not lose control. Nor He is to blame. In a fallen world like ours, there are no guarantees. Jesus Christ did not promise His followers a long life, good health nor material riches. In fact, Christians will most likely find trouble, trials, oppositions and adversities but they shall inherit the kingdom of God. 

The news we hear everyday cannot help but cause us frustrations. We always think we are privileged and are God’s favorite child, and are exempted from trouble…while others are not. We try to forget the terrible things that happen to others and isolate ourselves from their sufferings.  However, sooner or later we will have our time of facing our own mortality and that of our loved ones…because no one is exempted.

God, in His merciful ways, do not inflict troubles and accidents. Disasters do happen to an individual because of his alienation from God. If God is the Source of all blessings, life, love and health; setting a distance from the Source, makes us vulnerable, causing adverse things to happen to us as a consequence. 

A close relationship with God is the only refuge of Christians… something more valuable than any secular wealth combined. Jesus said that the most important move is to repent from our sins and gain a beautiful relationship with God. Though we will die in this life, we will live in His kingdom. 

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