Meeting Jesus

It occurred to me that as Christmas draws near, we should spend some time learning about Jesus’ well-documented history.

 Luke lists his objectives in Luke 1.  Here is a synopsis.

Many have undertaken to put in order and draw up a thorough narrative of the surely established deeds which have been accomplished and fulfilled in and among us, exactly as they were handed down to us by were eyewitnesses. 

I, Luke, have determined to search diligently and follow all things closely and trace accurately the course from the highest to the smallest detail from the very first. I am writing this orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus.

Note how thoroughly Luke has researched and written what he found out. See that he did all this research on behalf of his friend Theophilus.

Theophilus is only mentioned twice in scripture. The other time is in the book of Acts when Luke says much the same thing. 

In the former letter I wrote to you, Theophilus, I prepared a continuous report, dealing with all the things which Jesus began to do and to teach.

Little did Luke know, that he was preparing this complete history on behalf of so many others,

Have you recorded your story with Jesus?

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