Moral Ineptitude

What do you do when someone else makes a mistake in your favor? Do you blindly accept it or do the right thing and speak up? That’s the choice I had to make when ten (yes; TEN!) food processors arrived at my door.

A clerical error on someone’s part sent me ten food processors instead of the one I had requested. I had no problem sending them back. What boggled my mind was the number of Christians who told me that they would keep them and sell them for a personal profit.

There is a right and there is a wrong and we seem to have forgotten the Bible’s teaching on theft and on keeping what does not belong to you. How the mighty ones who used to stand firm on the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Christ have fallen into moral ineptitude.

What would you have done with ten food processors?

“You shall not steal. (Exodus 20:15, NIV)

Prayer- Lord God, help us to act like we profess to be; children of the Living God. Amen.

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